Happy HALLOTHANKSMAS! Are you ready for the holiday season?

  • 25 DAYS TO HALLOWEEN (for those that celebrate)

With the holiday season quickly approaching, are you ready for it? Every year people start rushing Halloween because they know the best holidays will soon follow! Me personally, I don’t care about Halloween… I am patiently waiting on my favorite holidays…Thanksgiving and Christmas! I look forward to family time and all of the great sales! This year has been challenging for some so with the big holiday being 80 days away, are you ready? Have you been saving all year or are you one of those last minute planners? If you have waited until the last minute and trying to figure out money then this may help you!

30 Day Money Challenge!

30 day money challenge can be a great way to save money for the holiday or just a great way to meet that 4 quarter savings goal! There are two different options to fit your financial situation. In 60 days you can save $480 or $1000 for the holiday or any other financial goals you may have! If you can accomplish this goal then you can use this chart to meet some other goals such as paying down debt, new car, vacation or new home! Just think…some people waste this type of money on fast food alone! So instead of buying dinner, how about we cook and apply that money to our savings goal!

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