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Happy Friday!

Good Morning & Happy Friday! Everyday is a chance to be better than you were the day before! So leave the past in the past and live for today because tomorrow is not promised to anyone! Take some time to enjoy life and do whatever makes you happy. Be safe and have a great weekend!

Happy HALLOTHANKSMAS! Are you ready for the holiday season?

25 DAYS TO HALLOWEEN (for those that celebrate) 50 DAYS TO THANKSGIVING 80 DAYS TO CHRISTMAS With the holiday season quickly approaching, are you ready for it? Every year people start rushing Halloween because they know the best holidays will soon follow! Me personally, I don’t care about Halloween… I am patiently waiting on my …

Work from home must haves!

Working from home has been a challenge for some and a blessing for others. Although some companies have started bringing their employees back into the office either on a full time or hybrid basis (few days a week). As for my employer, I get the luxury or working from home a little while longer if …

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